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Our Practical Digital Marketing Courses

Please find below the overview of the modules offered in our Practical SEO, Google Adwords Courses in Guwahati, Assam.

SEO training Guwahati

Search Engine Optimization

Getting Ranked on top page in Search engines can generate organic traffic which generates business. SEO is a set of rules and by following which websites can be ranked for search queries of any niche. SEO is an integral part of our practical SEO -Search Engine Optimization course in Guwahati.

Google adwords certification in guwahati

Google Adwords(SEM)

The truth is SEO may take up to a few months to show results. Companies who need results in quick time always choose Paid ad/SEM campaigns. Google & Bing Ads have been known to generate better ROI(Return on Investment). Google ADs can be shown on Search Networks, Websites, Apps, etc.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when social media was only used to get connected with family & friends. Now, social media platforms have evolved so much that more than networking, business growth has become the primary focus. Influencer marketing on Instagram is one such example of it.

affiliate marketing classes guwahati

Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate means promoting and selling someone else's products for a commission. Sounds simple but with the increasing number of affiliates companies, the competition has become more fierce. The best thing about it, the scope of earning has increased with time.

Email marketing lessons

E-Mail Marketing

All these years E-Mail marketing were primarily used for promotional purposes. In western countries the story was completely different, E-mails were connected with Optins, Landing pages & sales funnels. Businesses in India are now aware how E-mail marketing can deliver better results.

Track data with Google analytics

Google Analytics

Analytics is basically a study of data that provides insights for business improvement. In Digital Marketing, Google Analytics can be integrated into a website, paid campaigns, E-mail outreach, etc. which can display data like customer visits, number of sales, ROI, engagement & much more.